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Woodmark Benchmarking Survey

Launched in 1996, this annual survey was created to give development staff members an apples-to-apples comparison between their work and that of other peer-level fundraising programs. The survey measures Woodmark-member hospitals’ fundraising achievements on myriad fundraising metrics including: total dollars raised, total cost per dollar raised, total number of donors, etc. By identifying the top achievers in each metric, survey users can set performance standards for fundraising staff and connect with peers to glean insights on the processes that yield high achievement. Survey results have helped to raise the sights of hospital executives and trustees about outcomes that are possible with wise and targeted investments in fundraising operations. The survey also provides chief development officers with a way to recognize and reward high-achievers as well as identify areas where staff performance can improve.

No other customized benchmarking survey of children’s hospitals’ development programs exists in the marketplace. Children’s hospitals that are interested in participating in a survey cycle or purchasing a survey report may contact: info@thewoodmarkgroup.org.

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Total Compensation Survey

In response to the competition for talented fundraising personnel, Woodmark members created a survey in 2001 aimed at analyzing and comparing total compensation practices among their peer-level development shops. This annual survey covers all elements of total compensation (base, incentives, benefits, perks, retirement) for 27 separate development positions including executive, senior, operations and front-line fund-raisers. Chief development officers say this survey has been instrumental in informing hospital executives and trustees about the compensation practices of leading children’s hospitals’ development programs. Information also has been helpful in understanding what kind of compensation package is needed to attract and retain top talent in competitive markets and comply with federal regulations including intermediate sanctions.

No other customized benchmarking survey of this nature exists in the marketplace. Children’s hospital executives that are interested in learning about participating in and/or purchasing Woodmark’s total compensation survey may contact: info@thewoodmarkgroup.org.

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