Woodmark Group Helping Children

Leading the advancement of philanthropy to improve health for children everywhere.

The impact of prominent children's hospitals

Millions of children and their families turn to The Woodmark Group’s 26 prominent children’s-hospital members each year for care, treatment and cures. Health care services, research and access are made possible by the support of generous donors in the United States, Canada and places around the world. Indeed, donor philanthropy is key to ensuring our hospitals continue to meet children’s current and future health-care needs.

The Woodmark Group is a convener whose programs enable its members’ fundraising teams to work collaboratively toward a shared aspiration: to lead in the development of philanthropy to improve the health of children everywhere. They pursue this aspiration through four strategic goals that were adopted by Woodmark’s board in 2015. The goals are to:

  • Support significant expansion of major individual giving emphasizing growth in transformational and legacy gifts.
  • Build and deliver best-in-class education, learning and professional development programs.
  • Serve as a voice for enhancing the culture of pediatric philanthropy.
  • Provide effective benchmarking data, analysis and market intelligence.
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